Our final Knit Out is only a few weeks away. I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you about the three incredible instructors who will be joining us this year.
First up is Fiona Ellis. She’s not just an incredible designer, she’s an amazing instructor too!  Fiona was here 2 years ago and did not disappoint.

Fiona is a professional knitwear designer, with a fashion design degree from DeMontfort University in England. Her knitwear designs have appeared virtually everywhere over the years.
Her expertise in cables, fair isle, color, garment construction and just about everything else is most impressive.
And most important, she is FUN. Loads of fun! You will so enjoy meeting and learning from Fiona.
Unlike many other events, this is an intimate affair. You won’t be another name tag lost in a big class. You’ll really get to know Fiona!
And I think you’ll love her as much as we do.  Have you signed up yet???

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    […] is not too late to sign up and join the fun. Joining Franklin this year are superstars Fiona Ellis and Susanna […]

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