Fun on the Farm

Our trip to the farm was a blast!
Last Saturday we woke up with the roosters and boarded the First Capital Trolley for a trip to the Rockin’ S-Squared Farm in Yukon.
The Jacob sheep were corralled and lined up for shearing.
sheep.1 shearing.1
Then the fleece was skirted and bag for processing. These fleeces will be turned in to beautiful yarn, and yes we’ll have it for sale in the shop again.
Next came the alpacas and the llama. The alpacas are named Simon & Garfunkel, the llama is Rikasha.
This is another alpaca after shearing. Her name is either Diana Ross or Gladys, depending who in the family you ask.
We also got to meet the other animals on the farm including Riviera Xtra Xtra, one of the most beautiful horses I’ve ever seen. She is a show jumping horse.
This is Buddy the pig –
They had three cows – Angus, Brisket, and Chuck –mason.cow
and a curious goat named Brownie.
We had a fabulous day! Then we hopped back on the trolley for lunch at Hensley’s Top Shelf Grill in Yukon. It was delicious! I would highly recommend this place. Even if you’re not in the Yukon area, it is worth the drive over just to eat there.
Kim, Wayne and their boys were wonderful hosts. They have a beautiful farm, an incredible little red farmhouse, and could not have been more hospitable. We can’t wait to visit again!

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