Get the Official SWAK App!

We’ve gone big time and now have our very own app, available for both iPhone and Android.
Featuring direct links to our SWAK NEWS, Facebook and Twitter posts, you’ll never miss out on fun happenings again. Additionally you’ll have info on upcoming classes, events and contact information right at your fingertips.
With email becoming so congested by spam, and Facebook choosing what posts you see (and what you don’t) it has become increasingly difficult to spread the word about the fun things we do. When Facebook made these annoying changes a few years ago, the number of people who got to see our posts dropped by 95%!!! They try to force you to pay to promote your page, but it wound up costing a lot of money and gaining us a lot of male teenage readers in Bangladesh. That just doesn’t work for me. Nothing against the lovely people of Bangladesh, but that’s not exactly our target audience.
We are hopeful this new app will give us a better way to keep in touch with all of our fabulous customers. I refuse to be one of those businesses who annoy you with repetitive information, daily emails and so forth. I know this type of constant marketing must work, but I just can’t do that. Your time is valuable and we truly appreciate the time you take to read what we have to say. We respect our customers and would never want to be perceived as pushy or annoying.

You will be able to receive push notifications through the app (or not), and I promise this feature will be modestly used. No worries of being awaken at 3am with an annoying app notification from us! I get so tired of my phone making noises because Talking Tom wants to play, or something about Snoopy Coaster but that’s what happens when a small boy uses your phone. The joys of parenthood.
To get our new app, simply click or scan these links with your device for the AppStore (iPhone) or Google Play (Android), or you can also search the app listing for SWAK. Available for both smartphones and tablets.

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