Getaway to Guthrie!

Next weekend is our big Guthrie Getaway weekend. If you’re not coming, go ahead and give yourself a swift kick in the tush because you will be kicking yourself for missing out.
We have put together the ultimate knitting experience, featuring superstar instructor Alissa Barton.
I have been of the mindset lately that less is definitely more, especially where events like this are concerned. After all do you really enjoy learning about knitting in settings like this, complete with the uncomfortable chairs and buzzing fluorescent lights?
This setting is tiring for both the students and the instructors.
Doesn’t it remind you a bit of this?
With our new Getaway event you will be learning in a small, intimate setting with hands-on individual instruction.
Guthrie Getawaymagnolia7
Now how does this look? That’s more like it! To top it off, I will be your personal chef for the weekend. We just put the finishing touches on the menu and everyone is in for a big treat.
Alissa BartonIf you’re not familiar with Alissa, she is absolutely outstanding. Over the course of the weekend, she will take you through an entire sweater design including how to customize published patterns to suit your needs. You will walk away with a custom, perfect fit pattern to knit yourself the sweater of your dreams.
This amazing venue is hidden away in the middle of historic downtown Guthrie. Lori and I will be there with you throughout the weekend, so you’ll have 24-7 access to the shop.
Believe it or not, we still have a few spots to fill and would love for you to join us. You can download a brochure with all of the details here, or just give us a shout.

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