Getting Sheepy

Red Farmhouse FibersWe’re getting ready for the Red Farmhouse Fiber Trunk show on Saturday. The weather is going to be nice, and we’ll have two ewes to greet you at the entrance. Come early! When the afternoon rolls around it will be time for them go home and graze.
We’ll have yarn from ten different Jacob Sheep:
A spunky ewe on the farm, Ziggy jumps for joy every day! She loves scratches on the face and animal cracker treats.
She’s the leader of the flock. Sweet but noisy, McCarthy always lets you know when it’s time to eat!
A quiet unassuming ewe, Alexa has one of the softest fleeces in the flocks.

The flock matron, age has darkened her fleece and faded it to a yummy chocolate brown.
She’s the queen of the group, or at least she thinks so. Callie’s perfect four horns are the envy of many Jacob flocks.
She was the first animal born on the farm, and holds a special place in their hearts.
One of the farm’s first Jacob lambs, this girl has loads of long lovely fleece, white legs & striped horns.
A shy ewe on the farm, Ralene has a thick fleece with perfect Jacob spots.
A beautiful ewe on the farm, Twinkle has lovely wide spread horns and long speckled fleece. Her sweet disposition makes her a favorite.
This girl has the most beautiful baby lamps. She’s a little camera shy, but always gets noticed. And her leg markings  ~ Oh my!
Aren’t they cute! Their picture and bio are included on the yarn label. This is a very rare breed of sheep from a small flock. We only have 70 skeins on hand, representing two years of growth for many of the ewes. You’ll want to stock up now, in that it may be awhile before more comes our way.
yarn1Each skein has a minimum of 200 yards and retails at $32/skein. Trunk show starts at 10am Saturday.
We’ll have cowboy cookies, tea, lemonade and give away patterns for the Shepherdess Shawl and Jacob Hat with purchase of this fabulous yarn. It will be a party, with two ewes as the guests of honor!
Hope to see you Saturday.
Shepherdess ShawlJacob's Hat

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