Happy New Year!

We love our bathtub planter out on the front sidewalk, however it presents a problem in the winter. A bathtub filled with dirt and dead plants isn’t very appealing.
My first idea was to make this snowman as a winter bathtub decoration.
After spending $40 on styrofoam balls and calculating the cost of the other supplies, he turned out to be my $100 snowman. I quickly realized someone would steal him within his first 24 hours outdoors, so he lives inside.
I spent countless hours exploring outdoor décor ideas and came up empty handed. Then last spring I had a brilliant idea!
Yarn Bomb
We recycled the knitted panels from our yarn bombing last year and turned them into a bathtub cozy.
Voilá! Just in time for the frigid temps too. I bet I’m the only person on the planet to make a cozy for a bathtub.
Tomorrow is the last day to catch our 20% off everything sale. We’ll be open New Year’s Eve from 10 to 5, but will be taking the day off on New Year’s Day.
Happy New Year everyone!


  • zellspin

    30.12.2014 at 21:11

    I love it! Great idea!

  • donnajmiller

    05.01.2015 at 18:36

    yep, that snowman would not last long outside 🙁 Love the bathtub cozy.