House Party Day 5: Meet Chelsi

I couldn’t wait to show off these beautiful hand painted ceramic yarn bowls that were dropped off while I was away in Tennessee. Most of all, I want to tell you the story of the artist behind the bowls.

Chelsi is also one of our most prolific sample knitters.

Four years ago Chelsi was your average young adult doing the things that young people do, studying fashion design, and living her life. She went outside to walk her dog, fell in a hole in the yard, and that’s when her life changed dramatically.

Her injury wasn’t much different than what any other person would experience. What was significantly different was that Chelsi continued to experience unbearable pain and burning sensations that spread everywhere.

Her mom Jodi has fought tirelessly to get help for her daughter. The local medical community had few solutions beyond popping pain pills, with one doctor even telling Chelsi to stop making this up for attention. After consulting endless out of state specialists and trying various therapies Chelsi was finally able to get a diagnosis.

As a result of her fall, two extremely rare conditions were triggered:

Reflexive Sympathetic Disorder, or RSD


She also developed

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia syndrome


It has been four years since Chelsi fell. She is now in the care of an out-of-state specialist who also suffers from RSD. She is confined to a wheelchair, and undergoes extensive daily in-home treatments for relief.

We are so glad to be partnered with Chelsi and wanted to share her story with you. Staying at home and avoiding germs are a normal part of Chelsi’s routine. During this pandemic she and her family are being extra vigilant. I thought it would be nice to put a face with those we are trying to protect. Please stay home if you can until this threat is behind you.

We are happy to offer Chelsi’s beautiful yarn bowls for sale in our shop!

Learn more about Chelsi’s story in her own words at The Sketchbook Project.

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