House Party Day 6: Essentials

Now that everyone has stockpiled soap, hand sanitizer, meat, bread, and toilet paper we can talk about a few other essentials that you may need.


I am now constantly washing my hands. Not rinsing them off, not a quick wash, but scrubbing like I’m prepping for surgery. Mom was a clean-freak germaphobe, so I was raised to be acutely aware of these invisible threats and this training has been kicked into overdrive.

If your hands are starting feel like sandpaper, I can help you out. I discovered Top Shelf Luxury Lotion a few years back, from a little company in Texas. It is the bomb! I’m usually not a big lotion person, but this has made a believer out of me. I keep a tube in my nightstand, purse, car, everywhere. What I like best is it keeps your hands moisturized throughout the day.

I gave a tube to my sister-in-law awhile back. Recently she commented that since she started using Top Shelf she no longer gets painful fingertip cracks and splits during the winter. I used to suffer from those horribly, had tried everything to no avail, and didn’t realize that mine had gone away too!

Bottom line, if your hands are dry and miserable you really need this lotion!


We all need a little treat, and these yummy cookies will do the trick. They are so tasty!

From a little bakery in Petal, Mississippi, these tiny shortbread cookies are covered with powdered sugar, and available in lemon, raspberry and cinnamon flavors.

Chips & Salsa

Forget the milk and bread, chips and salsa are my idea of a “staple” food!

We are so glad to carry Maria Rae’s chips and salsa. They are the best! This company is out of Enid, Oklahoma and the owner is a knitter. Mary is an actual person, the salsas are her signature recipes, and under ordinary circumstances you can see her in person at our shop most Tuesdays.

In addition to chips & salsa, Mary also offers seasoning packets including one for very tasty guacamole. If you can get your hands on a couple of avocados, all you need is her spice pack and you will have guacamole to enjoy with your chips.

Although our “grocery” selection may be limited, there is no need to risk a contaminated mob and we can have them ready to pick up in a flash!

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