Knit in Paradise

mexico2We’ve gathered a fun group of travelers for our exotic vacation in paradise this fall, and are ready to start booking everyone. Spring is the time of year everyone gets excited about the warm days ahead, but then reality quickly sets in…
Wind, tornadoes, followed by 110 degree temps and mosquitos. By the time summer is over I feel robbed! So my October excursion to paradise is a way to reclaim the perfect warm (but not hot) temps, and get myself mentally prepared for winder.
I hate outdoors, but when it comes to Mexico I can be outside all the time. It is that wonderful!
Don’t miss out on this super fun trip! We are headed to a posh resort in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico. It is relaxing, fun, beautiful, interesting, luxurious and affordable too.
Here’s just a few of the questions I have answered recently about this excursion, in case you are wondering the same thing too.
•This is a LAND trip, not a cruise. While we loved the cruise, not everyone can handle being on the water. This resort offers everything we loved about the cruise, plus more. And here is less walking.
While it is a huge resort, there is less need to walk back and forth across the resort (unlike when we were on the boat)! Plus there is a little bus and golf carts to tote you around if you wish.
•The cost is all-inclusive, INCLUDING airfare. You can honestly go on this trip and not spend another dime, although there will be things along the way you will want to purchase. The bookings usually come with resort coupons for the spa and such, so that’s cool.
•The area of Mexico we will be visiting is beautiful. The people are so hospitable. This is the best of Mexico, not the negative stereotype many have come to know. It is not scary. I have taken Mason there twice, without any concerns.
•We have assembled a fun group of travelers. You need not have a travel companion. Not only is it not necessary to have a roommate for this trip, many travel with us alone and have a great time. You won’t be left out or be lonely…promise! And if you just can’t seem to leave the house without your spouse, he will be welcome too. Mine will be coming along, so he won’t be alone.
The deadline to get in on our initial booking is May 1. The rates will vary, depending on current airfare rates, but we estimate they will range from $1,800-2,000 per person with a $400 deposit. We will know the exact amount before booking.
In addition to all of the resort fun, I am working on a fantastic project reflective of the beautiful region we’ll be visiting. You can join in on this project while we’re vacationing, or bring a project of your own.
There are so many fabulous things to tell you about this trip, I could practically write a small novel. I’d love to tell you all about it! Questions? Interested? Email swak @ or give us a ring at 405.282.8649.
ps…every one of these photos are actual photos we’ve taken on previous visits and not doctored up travel brochure pics. It really is that beautiful!

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