Knit Out Farewell

We said farewell to our legendary Knit Out event last weekend, and WOW what a weekend it was!
Knit Out 2013
The weekend kicked off with a hilarious presentation from Franklin Habit. His unique take on the Weldon’s Practical Needlework series was quite a treat. He has now inspired me to take up crinkled tissue paper crafts and bent iron work because they are so…well so practical (not).
It was fabulous seeing our friends Fiona and Franklin again. This was my first time to meet Susanna and she is AWESOME! I’ve definitely added her to my fabulous people list.
All of our instructors presented workshops that were out of this world. The level of knowledge, creativity, enthusiasm we hosted under one roof was quite impressive!
Saturday night our supermodels treated us to a fantastic fashion show. Megan & crew stole the show! She has been helping me with the fashion show since she was a tween. Megan is now majoring in fashion merchandising. I let her totally organize the show this year and she outdid herself. I was even told by some that it was one of the best shows they’ve seen, including ones put on by professional fashion organizations. That was quite a compliment!
Fashion Show
The weekend would not be complete without nabbing a farewell kiss from our celebrity guests. Franklin was a good sport about it (again), with a little help from Fiona. A guy needs a proper makeup artist after all!
Fiona & Franklin
The weekend went off with a hitch, but not without a tornado or two. Fiona and Franklin finally managed to whisk themselves away on Sunday night, and Susanna got out on Monday before the big one hit.
This will be the last Knit Out, but don’t fret. It will not be the last time you’ll be seeing rockstar knitters, including these three friends at SWAK. In fact, I already have a new event in the works.
Initially our goal was to move events away from wedding season, since we’ve had difficulty procuring rooms the past few years. We now will definitely be moving it away from tornado season, to the relief of our visitors from afar.
Hopefully I’ll have our “lips” up on the wall sooner than later. Summer vacay started last week and my schedule has already been turned up on its ear. If I seem a bit frazzled between now and August, keep in mind that I’m juggling my duties as super mom while keeping a wiggly boy entertained. I’m worn out already and it isn’t even June!

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