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Frequently Asked Questions

Can loyalty reward be redeemed online?

Loyalty program is for IN-STORE shopping only and may not be redeemed online.

Do online purchases earn rewards for in-store redemption?

It’s complicated! Short answer is maybe. Online purchases create a customer account that is not linked to an account created in-store. In some instances, the account may be the same and earn rewards. In other situations, it will not. Bottom line, the best way to add points is to shop in-person or by giving us a ring.

Do points transfer from the previous loyalty program?

Unfortunately, no. Our last loyalty program can be best described as a hot mess. We poured over everyone’s loyalty account, scratching our heads as how to best address the inconsistencies and broken links. We came to the conclusion that the best course of action was to start over from scratch. Our new program will be SO MUCH BETTER. We think you’ll be thrilled.