Check out these beautiful new Driftwood needles from Lykke!
Lykke circular driftwood needles are lovely to use, available in 16-24-32-40″ lengths ranging from size 0-17. Beautiful, yet affordably priced from $8.50-$12.95 a needle.
The Lykke Driftwood circular sets are so popular, we can’t keep them on the shelf!
We love these needles! The interchangeable kits include TWELVE PAIRS of needles, ranging from size 4-17. In addition you get 5 cables (2/24″, 2/32″, 1/16″), 2 cord connectors, 4 keys, and 8 stoppers all packaged in an attractive gray denim case. The best part? The price! $125
The Lykke sets will also interchange with your Knitter’s Pride cables and such. There is so much to like, you’ll see why the name Lykke means MAKE HAPPY!
The full range of circular needles are in stock now. A big shipment of the interchangeable sets is expected within the next week or so. We have a very long waiting list, but as of today not all of the needles on this upcoming shipment are spoken for. If you want one of the sets that are up for grab, pre-order today.
We already have another order pending, but it may be a few months before our next shipment arrives. These beautiful Driftwood needles are definitely worth the wait!

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