Make it Ahead

Look what rolled in the door yesterday!
Make it Ahead
I spent the evening reading recipes, which is not a good idea when you’ve recently had oral surgery on both sides of your mouth and can barely eat anything but pudding.
There are some outstanding recipes in this highly anticipated new cookbook from Ina Garten!
I must make this, mainly because it is so pretty!
She has recipes for a make ahead Thanksgiving dinner!
And if I haven’t made you hungry enough as it is, check out these skillet brownies.
And Ina has even tackled gluten free with this chocolate cake.
We ordered a case of books, so I have plenty to go around. Don’t forget our Barefoot Knitting party is coming up on November 14 from 4 to 8pm. Bring any Barefoot Contessa dish and receive $10 off her new cookbook.

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