Master Knitter

Lori and I were honored to share a special day with a very special knitter this weekend.

Jeanne has been a customer of ours since day one.  When she came in last year to pick out yarn for a sweater, none of us had any idea what we were getting ourselves into.
First of all, the pattern for this sweater is truly awful. ¬†Jeanne has knit her entire life and is an excellent knitter. ¬†She recently showed me pictures of herself in an incredible knitted suit she once made. ¬†Jeanne is now in her 90’s and continues to knit beautifully, however this sweater just about got the best of all of us.
Instead of traveling pants, it became the traveling sweater.  I think every one of us has taken this sweater home to help Jeanne out.
Along this journey, we also got to know Jeanne’s wonderful friends. ¬†She stopped driving several years ago, but is blessed with an amazing network of people who will do just about anything for her. ¬†Paul, Billie, Pat…the list goes on.
We also got to know Jeanne’s walker. ¬†This contraption would give David Copperfield a run for his money. ¬†It is equipped with cup holder and a seemingly bottomless carrying compartment. One day she came with a complete lunch. ¬†She pulled plates, silverware, drinks, sandwiches, chips, deviled eggs, dessert and I can’t remember what else out of this tiny compartment. ¬†I wouldn’t be surprised if it had a refrigerator and hide-a-bed too.
I’m sure many of you have encountered Jeanne during her many, many trips to Guthrie to work on this sweater. ¬†She especially has been hard at work the past few months so she could wear it to a very special party in her honor this weekend.
You see, Jeanne celebrated 50 years of sobriety this weekend. ¬†She is a truly inspirational and remarkable woman. ¬†The turnout for her party was overwhelming. ¬†As we looked around the room, we couldn’t help but think how Jeanne had personally touched and helped most of these folks. It is easy to see why her friends are so loyal.
The invitation said “cards only” but I’m not a card person. I’d rather knit someone an intricate sweater than be put through the torture of picking out a card. ¬†So I came up with something better than a card. ¬†I created a certificate declaring Jeanne a Master Knitter. ¬†When I think of all the things she has knitted during her lifetime, I can think of no one more worthy.
Jeanne will be in soon for the official burning of this pattern.

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  • Leah

    12.11.2012 at 05:16

    It may be an awful pattern, but what wonderful results and I love the color! I think I may have been up there knitting when she started the sweater. Congrats Jeanne!