Memorial Day Weekend

flagHappy Memorial Day weekend everyone! We will be closed Monday, May 27 to celebrate the holiday with our families.
Although the holiday is to memorialize those who died serving their country, it is also a good time to remember all of those who serve.
I am thankful for all veterans who have served our country, many of whom continue to serve all of us even after their enlistment ends.
When I went to the American Legion Monday morning to return a key, the veteran working in the office mentioned that he was really tired. When I inquired, he explained that he was out late doing search and rescue for the Shawnee and Carney tornado victims. He also warned me to pay attention to the weather that afternoon because it was supposed to be much worse – and he was right.
I’m sure he and many other former servicemen have been out there all week helping those in need and I am very thankful for their contribution. We’ve worked with American Legion over the years and I am very impressed with all the different ways they serve their community on a daily basis.
So an extra big thank you to those currently enlisted, the awesome veterans, and the families who share and often sacrifice their loved ones for the benefit of our country.

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