Mexico or Bust!

mexico5Our cruise to Nova Scotia was such a blast, we couldn’t wait to do it again. We considered a long list of possible locations, and after weighing all of the pros and cons chose Mexico as our next destination.
We’re getting together on Saturday, January 25 at 1pm to have a big Mexico party. We’ll answer all of your questions, pass out brochures, have snacks and margaritas. If you can’t come to the party and are interested in the trip, give us a shout and we’ll fill you in.
The date of our trip will be October 11-18, 2014. This is a perfect time to go. We need not worry about weather interfering with our travel plans, and it is just before the busy season so it won’t be too crowded. I’ve been there during peak and off peak times, and the less busy time is much more enjoyable.
mexico4We can’t confirm exact costs until booking, but I expect it will be between $1,800-2,000 per person…possibly less. Unlike the cruise, it doesn’t cost much more to have a private room so you don’t need a travel companion.
Why Mexico? The resort we’ve selected has all of features we loved about the cruise and more! The price is hard to beat, and no one will get sea sick.
One huge plus – it is completely all-inclusive. The cost includes one week at this luxurious resort, airfare, transport to/from the resort, plus all food and beverages. Unless you want to leave the resort on an excursion, purchase gifts, go to the spa, or partake in some of the premium water sport activities you need not spend a penny more.
The part of Mexico we’ll be visiting is Rivera Maya, on the Gulf of Mexico. We’ll be staying at the Barceló Maya Beach Resort. It is a private resort with a private beach.

  • mexico2Accommodations – The spacious rooms are arranged in two-story buildings so you don’t feel like you’re staying at some huge hotel. Each has a private balcony.
  • Dining – Buffet style restaurants both in the main resort and at the beach offer a fabulous selection. You can also make reservations at one their many restaurants (or do both!) We’ve eaten at the restaurant, then breezed through the buffet for a second dinner.
  • mexico3Entertainment – The theater has a fabulous show every night. Three nights a week at the marketplace, they have a big fiesta with a mariachi band, etc. During the day, they have all sorts of fun activities including water aerobics, games and more.
  • Shopping – Many shops are included within the resort, offering everything from fine jewelry to items crafted from local artisans. There is something for all.
  • Excursions – You can sign up for all sorts of excursions both in and out of the resort, including everything from action sports to touring Mayan ruins.

mexico1Just like with our cruise, I’ll have every detail organized. You’ll know what to expect, what to bring, and will be able to maximize your fun/relaxation time while in Mexico. We’ll get together and knit in the piano lounge, and I’m working on a really cool project for those who are interested. You can spend as much time hanging out with the group, or venture out and do your own thing.
If you’re scared of Mexico, don’t be! Its not like we’re taking off in a jeep cross country through Mexico. We will be in a controlled, secure environment the entire way.
And if you’re scared of a bathing suit, and you really need to trust me on this one, that’s the last thing you need to worry about. It isn’t like in the resort photos where everyone looks fabulous. Instead, it is ordinary folk just like the rest of us. In fact, you probably look better in a suit than you think you do…just wait until you see what some people wear!
I am so excited about this trip. We are counting down the days! I do hope you will think about joining us.

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