Mexico or Bust!

October is vacation month at SWAK.  Lori took off today for Mexico and will be gone for 10 days.  And next Saturday, I’ll be sipping margaritas at a luxurious resort on the Riveria Maya.
I’ll be holding down the fort by myself until I leave, Anna & Mom are going to fill in while Lori & I pass each other at the border, then Lori will be in charge while I’m away.
So it may be a bit hectic (and giddy!) around here for the next few weeks.
It will be an awesome weekend in Guthrie.  The International Bluegrass Festival starts tomorrow and continues through Saturday. This year’s featured performer is Vince Gill and that’s pretty cool.
The Guthrie Escape! with art, wine and music is on Saturday.  They close off Oklahoma and have the festival on the downtown streets.  Mason is looking forward to the children’s booth.

If you are headed up to see us this weekend, be aware that Oklahoma Avenue in front of our store will be closed off on Friday and Saturday.  Our front door will be open, but you will have to park elsewhere.  Don’t forget we have the huge lot out back, and our back door is always open.  If you can’t find it, give me a shout and I’ll guide you in.
To top things off, they are tearing down the old bridge on I-35 and Seward Road this weekend.  All traffic on I-35 will be diverted to the Seward Road on/off ramps.  This will definitely back up traffic on I-35.  It would be a good time to find an alternate route for those of you who come from the south.

Sooner Road is a great detour.  It hops to the west side of I-35 at Edmond Road (2nd Street). You can access it there (it looks like the west access road), at Covell or Waterloo.  It will be the first intersection to the west of I-35.
If you come from the northwest side of town, Hwy 74 (Portland) is a great way to come to Guthrie.  You will turn right at Hwy 33 (approximately 10 miles north of Waterloo-there is a 4-way stop there).
One route NOT to use is Broadway.  While this is usually a great way to go back and forth from Edmond, they are replacing a bridge and it will be out for a while.

Okay, enough boring road construction talk.  Public service announcement over.
Wendy and Kristen celebrated their 1st Knitting Anniversary with us yesterday.  Kristen made these adorable knitting cupcakes.  They were awesome!
These two learned to knit one year ago and are doing great!
If you haven’t learned to knit yet, you could be celebrating your knitting anniversary next year too.  Learn2Knit class is this Saturday at 10am.  What a great day to learn something new!
The weather will be cool this weekend, fall yarns are here and our new Comfy USA clothing line and amazing Beija Flor jeans are flying out the door.  Come see us!


  • prairiegl

    09.10.2012 at 03:42

    I wonder how long that bridge work is going to take at Seward? That reallllly slows down traffic. I had forgotten about it when I made a trip up 35 to go to Stillwater on Sat. I did take Sooner Rd. back on the way home though.

  • keely

    09.10.2012 at 03:51

    That was only for the weekend. It is open now.