Mission Control Down!

It’s been one heckuva week. I was hoping to recover from Spring Break and catch up, but the universe has had other plans culminating in the sudden and unexpected demise of mission control (aka my MacBook Pro).
All isn’t lost, the graphics card just went kaput.  It is en route to Dallas for repair, so for the next 3-5 days I pretty much get to sit around and do this…

So if you’re stuck on a knitting project, it would be a great time to come in and let me help you out. Actually, any time you are stuck on a project using yarn from our shop we’re happy to help, but some days are better than others. The next few days are looking really open! Otherwise the only productive thing I have left to do is clean.
I hobbled together one of the older macs in my fleet and am able to communicate with the outside world a little, but I am limited on what all I can actually do until my beloved laptop comes back home.
We have put together some really fun events, outings and classes for the upcoming spring months, and I was quite anxious to put together all the 411 about them for you…but that is now on hold until next week.
In the meantime I can show you my cute little guy representing his school at the Archdiocesan Spelling Bee…
MariposaAnd I do have exciting news for those signed up for our Mariposa Project. The yarn is shipping out this week – finally!
I’ll be organizing dying dates for April and notifying everyone (once I get my computer back).
It’s time to get serious about your colors – I can’t generate a color schematic for you (again until my computer comes back) but once that happens I’ll be ready to throw down the colors and get the creativity going.
Come in and see me this week, otherwise I’ll be stuck playing janitor until mission control is back in action!

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