MUM(ford)'s the Word!

Everyone in Guthrie has been all a-flitter since last week when they announced that Mumford & Sons “Gentlemen of the Road” tour will be coming to Guthrie on September 6-7.

Mumford & Sons

This is a really big deal. There are merely 5 stops on this tour, and only 3 in the US. 25,000 tickets sold out in less than 2 days, and up to 40,000 people are expected to be in Guthrie for this event. The population of Guthrie is just a little over 10,000 so this is going to be insane!

A good number of those a-flitter had never heard of them before, and probably weren’t sure exactly what they were excited about. Others, who were up in arms because there would be no RV parking for the campers, must have mistaken this for another thing to bring retirees to town. I don’t know too many people under 35 with RVs so I don’t think this will be an issue.
Perhaps you’ve never heard of them either. Here’s the skinny.
Mumford & Sons is an alternative rock band from the UK. Their style hints of bluegrass, country, folk music and alternative rock all mixed in together. They are HUGE with the younger crowd so if you’re over 40 this could explain why you don’t know who they are.
But of course if you are a young hipster, someone like me who tries to keep up with younger hipsters, or perhaps watched them perform and win a Grammy a few nights ago then you know how exciting this is!


Needless to say Mumford fever has hit Guthrie. Moustaches have started popping up and I expect we’ll be plastered with moustaches and Union Jacks well before September rolls around.
We are mentally starting to prepare for this monumental event. One reason a band this big is coming somewhere so small is because they and many of their followers totally support local businesses. Therefore we will want to showcase local artisans during the event.
If you are an indie-dyer, crafter, etc. and would like to be a part of the excitement we are currently taking submissions for consideration. We are looking for a mix of products that best accent what we already offer and are local in nature. If you are interested, download our submission guidelines and submit your information to us by April 1. We will carefully review all submissions and notify those that have been accepted no later than April 30.
We’ve seen footage from one of their stopovers from last year and the town was wall-to-wall people. Restaurants sold out of food. It was unbelievable.
And yes, I have tickets! Doubt I’ll get to use them, considering we’ll have a mob scene at our store but I’m sure we’ll be able to find them a good home. Keith’s in charge of bartering so you’ll have to take that up with him.
In case you were wondering, Guthrie isn’t just for retirees. We have become THE destination for upscale weddings with awesome spots like the Sand Plum, Dominion House, Magnolia Moon. I see young people on the streets dressed to the nines just about every weekend.
We also have a super cool new coffee house, Hoboken Coffee Roasters. They’re hip, they’re green, they spin vinyl. You’ll almost forget you’re in Guthrie. Tucked behind Short’s Service Center just south of Harrison on the east side of Division.

Even dusty old antiques have taken a new spin at Prairie Gothic. Filled with curiosities, oddities and the unusual this isn’t your granny’s antique shop.
You also won’t want to miss our next door neighbor Kendra at Pioneer Dreams Cheesecakery, Stacy down the street at Rick’s Fine Chocolates and Coffees, and Tiffany the Tipsy Artist at Gallery Grazioso.
Even though I’m celebrating my 20th year in business, I still rank among the kiddos downtown. It is so nice to have other young ‘uns joining me. We’re just getting hipper by the day!

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