New from Clea Ray, Baah Yarns, Lantern Moon and Mixologie!

This week we’ve got lots of fun things to share with you – new bags from Clea Ray, Baah Yarns’ February colorway, smaller sets from Lantern Moon and a new scent (and restocks) from Mixologie!

First up, a big box of new bags from Clea Ray! From wristlets to crossbody bags to totes and more, these bags are made from recycled military tents and feature fun prints. Check out that camel, and the adorable deer!

For those of you who love Lantern Moon, this week we’ve added small sets of Lantern Moon needles with just the sizes you use most. Heritage contains 5 pairs of 4″ interchangeable tips in US sizes 3, 5, 6, 7 & 8. The Legacy set has the same sizes of needles, but 5″ tips. All of these are gorgeous Ebony needles and come with associated cords and stoppers!

We’re digging the Baah LaJolla February color – it’s full of pink and chocolate brown (and of course it coordinates with January’s colorway!)

Winter is the perfect time to begin pampering yourself with our offerings from Mixologie. We’ve done a restock on all of our products, and we just got in a new scent of Top Shelf Lotion. Get swept away with the refreshing and romantic scent of clean and crisp bergamot blended with hints of airy bamboo, jasmine, and musk of Adrift, reminiscent of the sun and sea.

We had hoped to have Lykke ball winders and swifts in this week, but they’ve been until Friday because of the snow storm back east. We’ll let you know as soon as they’re in stock!

Have a wonderful week!

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