New items from Baah, Prym and Lantern Moon!

Today Keely has lots of new things to share with you – new yarn from Baah, gorgeous needles and notions from Lantern Moon, and a new needle case from Prym!

Lantern Moon is back – it’s so nice to have luxury needles in the store again. We shared the sets last week, but this week we’re sharing all the individual needles, cases and notions.

The Lantern Moon cases are so pretty, but if you want a bigger needle case that will hold all your needles, we’re digging the Prym Circular Needle Case!

We just got in a partial order from Baah Yarns! We’ve added tons of fun new colorways (with amazing names) in La Jolla. We’re also adding in a new base: Shasta. We’ve only got one colorway in this shipment, but we’re expecting more of this worsted weight we think you’ll love!

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