Nifty Things

We’re always on the hunt for the interesting and nifty. Here’s what we found on our latest quests:
Cocoknits Accessory Roll
Accessory Roll 10510ccar.3
This is as nifty as it gets! Four triangular envelope-style pouches snap into an outer wrap that folds into a roll. Made of sturdy, washable paper each roll comes with four sets of elastic bands. While perfect for your yarn accessories, these rolls have so many other uses. I plan to bring one along on my next travels – perfect for phone cables, jewelry, and so much more! $36

Lip Macaron
Lip Macaron
Have the cold temps and wind done a number on your lips? While on our road trip a few summers ago, my upper lip was so chapped. I was desperate for anything to make it feel better. We avoid suburbia on our travels, so the usual places one would find chapstick and the likes were not nearby. I wandered into a darling paper store, and stumbled upon these cute little Lip Macarons. By the next day my lip was no longer chapped. I couldn’t believe it! It usually takes forever for my lips to heal, and I have tried everything.
I looked for more while visiting the same shop this past summer, and they no longer carried them. So I did what any reasonable person would do, and imported them myself from Australia via Canada and now stock them in the store. I swear by this stuff, and it lasts a very long time. I still have plenty left in the original tin I bought several summers ago, but needed more to keep in my purse, nightstand, office…everywhere!. $11 (and worth every penny!)

Joy Susan Handbags
Mia Crossbody Alyssa
New backpacks and crossbody bags from Joy Susan. We are loving the larger Mia crossbody, perfect for those who need a bit more room than our mini crossbody wristlets. The Alyssa distressed backpack is the perfect size for the gal on the go!
And a big shipment of our best selling Hobo handbags have arrived in a rainbow of colors! $48-$71

I promised Mason when he turned 12 that I would take him to market. I’m sure he was hoping for a trip to yarn market, but that’s our excuse for our girls-gone-wild road trip in the summer so that wasn’t happening. Instead I took him to apparel market in Dallas. He was quite the buyer, and helped me find several new things for the shop including these colorful tops from KikiSol.
These lightweight cotton tunics and boyfriend shirts are perfect for our climate! The boyfriend shirts can be worn as a long or three-quarter sleeve secured with a button tab. More prints are available online or in the shop. $40-$55

vinrella 10520v155a
True confession, until recently I had an umbrella phobia. Walking home from school on a windy, rainy day when I was a super skinny kid, with my umbrella blowing me back down the hill did quite a number on me. It didn’t help that my parents had just bought me a new book about a boy who wouldn’t eat his supper and became so skinny that he blew away. Needless to say, the book didn’t remedy my picky eating and just left me terrified of umbrellas.
The practical need for an umbrella finally won out over my phobia, and I no longer get drenched on rainy days. The only issue I still had was what to do with the wet thing when you go inside a shop or office. Nothing is worse than sticking a wet umbrella in your purse.
So when Mason and I spotted these nifty Vinrella umbrellas while at market, I knew we had to have them. Not only do they look like wine bottles, you can fold the umbrella and put it back in the plastic bottom so your purse doesn’t get wet. Is that not the coolest thing? And if you don’t want to look like a wino with a faux wine bottle in your purse, we have other lovely printed designs. Personally I’m going for the wino look. After a certain age things like that just don’t bother you any more. $24

Parisian Style
decodelire-llama decodelire-cats
These adorable Cuzco Llama and Pretty Little Cat bags just arrived from France, complete with the French spelling of “lama.” $9-$28

Need a little help to see? These magnifying necklaces are really cute, and easier to keep up with than a pair of cheaters.
I do think they could have chosen a better name. OptiSpex reminds me of the OptiGrab from Steve Martin’s movie The Jerk. What a classic comedy! OptiSpex, unlike the OptiGrab, will actually help you see and won’t leave you cross-eyed. $6.50

Body Butter
Body Butter
I picked these up from the same company that makes the Lip Macarons. Aptly named, these fragrant Body Butter lotions can be used in lieu of perfume and will make your skin feel…like butter. Also imported from Australia, pamper yourself with this little bit of luxury! $15.95

What’s up with that?
So you may be wondering what is up with the big black chair that is sharing space with our dressing room. Most of you know Jeannie, who I could not run this place without! She is a woman of many talents, one of which is that she is a licensed aesthetician. While she and her masseuse husband Cecil have a studio in Edmond, Jeannie is now offering waxing services after-hours at our place.
I, for one, am in desperate need of her services! While I love my nail ladies dearly, I quit letting them wax me. For one, I wound up looking like I had a disease afterwards. Jeannie assures me that this won’t happen with the products she uses. I also learned that most nail techs are not licensed to do waxing but do it anyway. You have to be an aesthetician to wax anything above the knee or elbow.
If you too are finding hairy things growing where they shouldn’t be, give Jeannie a shout. You can book online on her website at

That’s all I have to report for now. Check out our new arrivals for more nifty yarns and things!

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