Improved One-Row Buttonhole

An improved version of the one-row buttonhole, a SWAK original!


All slip stitches should be slipped purlwise. ~ Work buttonholes on right side rows.


Begin one stitch before where you want to place the buttonhole.


  • With yarn in back slip one stitch.  Place yarn between needles to the front and drop it.  You will not be using it again until the work is turned.


  • Slip next stitch from left needle and pass first slipped stitch over it (1 stitch pulled over).  Slip next stitch from left needle and pull over (2 stitches pulled over).  Repeat pulling over in this manner until the required number of stitches needed for buttonhole have been pulled over.


  • Slip the remaining stitch on right needle to left needle and turn work.


  • Bring yarn to front and cast on the same number of stitches that were pulled over using Purl Cable Cast On.


  • Now work one more cast on except before placing loop on left needle, bring yarn to the back (between left needle and loop on right needle).


  • Turn work.


  • Bring yarn to back.  Slip next stitch on left needle to right needle and pull over the extra cast on stitch over it.  


  • Work next stitch with a very firm tension.




For ribbing — looks best when buttonhole falls between purl stitches (stitch before and after are purls).  


Instructions on the purl cable cast on.

a helpful tip from Sherry