Nova Scotia or Bust!

This July when it is 110 degrees outside, we will be cruising through New England and the eastern Canadian seaboard. Don’t be jealous – you can come too!
Here’s the skinny:
We depart from Boston on July 21st and will spend 7 days at sea. Our ports of call along the way are Portland (Maine), St. John (New Brunswick), Halifax and Sydney (Nova Scotia). It is a Carnival cruise, but no worries. This is one of their newest and smaller ships that just skips up the coast. Different situation that what’s been going on in the Caribbean.
At our stop in Halifax we will have an incredible workshop with two amazing local designers –¬†Jane Thornley¬†and¬†Ilga Leja. Additionally, local yarn company¬†Fleece Artist¬†will treat us to a fabulous trunk show.
I have had several bookings lately, and the good news is the rates have remained unchanged. The even better news is that I have been able to book single rooms at not much more than a double rate. So if you don’t have a roommate or prefer to room alone, we can do that!
The current costs are:

  • $2,000 – Oceanview Room (single occupancy, $350 deposit)
  • $1,600 – Oceanview Stateroom (double occupancy, costs are per person, $350 deposit)
  • $2,900 – Oceanview Stateroom (you plus your spouse, total price, $650 deposit)
  • room upgrades, including staterooms with balconies can be arranged

This is the base cost that covers the cruise. Additional booking charges include:

  • $46 – ground transfer fees (per person, gets you to and from the boat from your hotel, etc.)
  • $80.50 – prepaid gratuities (per person, no tips needed one the boat)
  • $109 – travel insurance (per person, may be higher with room upgrades and must be paid at time of booking)

cruise1.jpgYou will also need to get yourself to Boston. We have been booking airfare with Southwest for around $527 round trip. Boston is a very expensive market, so you will want to get your airfare soon before rates go up.
Additionally you may need to stay Saturday night in Boston. It will be difficult to fly in and hop on the boat on the same day. Again, Boston is an expensive market. We have made reservations at rate of $239 ($274 w/ taxes), and are trolling the internet watching for a drop in price.
The only other costs associated with the trip are any excursions or services (such as spa, etc.)¬†that you wish to do. On the ship, you can purchase a drink card to cover any soft drinks, but tea-water-coffee are free. Mixed drinks are not included. And of course, yarn isn’t included either!
Deposit and insurance due at booking, balance due 4.30.13.
We are the organizers of this trip and it is a small group that we’re taking with us. The only scheduled activity is when we’re in Halifax, with the Jane Thornley/Ilga Leja workshop. The cost of this workshop is included in the rates quoted above. We’ve also organized a deep sea fishing trip that the guys can do while we’re busy knitting.
Otherwise, we have scoped out yarn shops at all of the ports and will keep a relaxing schedule so everyone can enjoy their trip!
Want to join us? Give us a shout – we’d love for you to come along!

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