One of our Own

Thank you to all who have checked in to make sure we’re okay up here in this inferno formerly known as Guthrie. The rural part of our community east of I-35 is affected, and I am a city dweller who lives in town. So other than smelling like a big bonfire outdoors, my family and the shop are unaffected.
AnnaThe news isn’t so good for one of our long time employees Anna. She and her husband have lost everything, including two of their dogs. Her husband was laid off from his job several years ago and has been unable to find employment, so they didn’t have much to begin with. This is a particularly hard loss.
Anna is a prolific crafter, losing all of her knitting & crochet supplies, spinning wheel, looms, sewing machine, and the list goes on. I have assured her not to worry about replacing many of these items in that the creative community is very generous and supportive.
Currently she is focused on their most immediate needs. They are looking for a somewhere to live until they are able to replace their home, preferably with a place for their horse and dogs. Once they are able to find something, she will begin the process of replacing her household belongings.
Anna has worked for us for many years. She has saved the day and been there for me on more occasions than I can count, so we want to help out in any way we can.
If you would like to assist Anna and her husband, we will be gathering donations at the shop. Bring by them by anytime. We’re always here Monday-Saturday from 10 to 5. If you can’t make it during shop hours, I’m usually here early or would be glad to meet you after hours.  If you’d like to make a cash donation, we will be happy to facilitate that for you too. Just give us a shout at 405.282.8649.

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