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You can now follow SWAK on Pinterest! Lori is our Pinterest gal and she has an eye for fab things.

This may come as a surprise, with me being the technology queen and all but I am NOT a Pinterest person. I tend to surf the web reading economic and geopolitical articles. I’d bore you to tears, just ask my husband. So luckily we have Lori the Pinterest Queen to keep everyone inspired.
I’ve been a bit quiet lately, and that usually just means news of awesome things will be coming shortly.
We had a big birthday party a few weeks ago. Mason turned six!
Mason's Birthday
Mason's BirthdayMason's Birthday
Extreme Animals came and put on quite a show again this year. I highly recommend them!
I have been hunched over a computer for what seems like forever getting ready to unveil the first phase of our online shopping makeover. It will be worth the wait.
Spring 2013
Beija Flor JeanYou don’t have to wait for me to get around to posting to see what’s up. Come see us! We are overflowing with incredible spring yarns. Here’s a sneak peek of Classic Elite’s spring collection. We carry every yarn in this collection, with the exception of Soft Linen. But if you really wanted some Soft Linen we could probably make that happen too.
All yarns and most of the new pattern books from Classic Elite’s spring collection are here. The rest will be arriving shortly.
Plus a big shipment of fab fashion from Comfy USA arrived, along with more awesome jeans from Beija Flor. Come see why they were declared the world’s best jean by Oprah Magazine!
I’ll have much, much more to tell you about in upcoming posts so stay tuned!

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