Post-Stitches Report

We kicked off our fall season with a trip to Texas a few weeks ago, as one of the featured vendors at Stitches Texas. This was the first time Knitter’s Magazine brought their signature¬†event to Texas and it was really fun!
Our booth was filled with beautiful yarns…
SWAK's Booth @ Stitches Texas
SWAK's Booth @ Stitches Texas
SWAK's Booth @ Stitches TexasSWAK's Booth @ Stitches Texas
SWAK's Booth @ Stitches Texas
Two of our original designs were featured in the Stitches Fashion Show, and looked quite stunning thanks to the talented Rick Mondragon.
Kary and I were too busy selling yarn to partake in any of the classes, but by all accounts they were outstanding!
TwistThis was the first show I’ve been able to attend since¬†Mason was born, so it was great to get out and see old friends. Rick Mondragon, editor of Knitter’s Magazine, and Lily Chin were both¬†featured instructors at our very first Knit Out many moons ago. It was so good to see¬†them again along with Galina Khmeleva, Melissa Leapman, Candace Eisner-Strick, Laura Bryant and countless others who stopped by the SWAK booth to say hello.
Many shows, including Stitches are laid out according to seniority points. So if you want to see what’s hot and new, you will want to start at the back! At this show it was the 100 aisle,where all of the Okies and Texans were huddled together. Although¬†outnumbered, we weren’t the only Okies. Our friends up the turnpike at Loops were directly across the aisle, and Denise from Lost City Knits was nearby as well. Honestly, all of the vendors got along swimmingly well and we had a blast.
Stitch MarkersIf you’re kicking yourself for missing out, don’t fret. Stitches will be returning to Texas next fall. Mark your calendar for next September. I’d tell you the dates, but I lost my vendor registration paperwork in all of the hullaballoo packing up to come home. Keep watching¬†Knitting Universe‘s website – they’ll be posting dates soon.
Many of you have been asking when Kary is going to make more stitch markers. I’m happy to report I snagged all she had and a few sets are left for sale in the shop. She doesn’t have the time to make markers very often. They are always a huge hit so if you want a set you’d better not dally.

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