Our lips are sealed
Not only was that a great Go-Go’s song, but it’s also the heart of our privacy policy.

Any personal information collected from you will be used strictly for processing your order.

We will not share your information with anyone. Ever.

We promise not to spam, harass, stalk, or otherwise annoy you.

We want our communication with you to be special and value you dearly.
Online Newsletter

We typically send one monthly online newsletter to your inbox, but only if you sign up to receive it.

Loyalty Program

While your cellphone number is needed to sign up for our loyalty program, it is only a necessity of the software available to us. We may occasionally send out a text with special rewards, this will be on a very infrequent basis.

Our Promise
Aggressive marketing tactics such as endless emails, constant texts, incessant notifications, website cookies, and creepy cross-communication of your online activities with Google, Amazon, Facebook and the likes must help businesses sell a lot of stuff.
We are not one of those businesses.
As small, close-knit company, we treasure our relationship with you and your privacy.

This is our promise to you