Blocking Wires


Friendly Products Stainless Steel Lace 36″blocking wires. Wires need to be wiped with a soft cloth prior to first use to remove the minimal manufacturing residue. Made in the USA!

  • Lace weight sets.  Lace blocking wire sets are especially good for blocking your lace and other light weight knitting and crochet projects. Set of 15 wires packaged in tube with blue cap.
  • Worsted weight sets. Worsted weight sets have thicker stainless steel wires that stand up to the rigors of blocking heavier sweaters and shawls. Set of 10 wires packaged in tube with red cap.
  • Mixed sets. Don’t know which weight wires you’ll need from one project to the next? Mixed weight sets are what you need. Set of 12 wires (6 worsted/6 lace) packaged in tube with black cap.
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Lace, Mixed, Worsted


Lace, Mixed, Worsted