Wooden Jumbo Ball Winder


Wooden jumbo ball winder, available in sustainably sourced Mango Wood (light) or Indian Sheesham Rosewood (dark)

  • Available in two finishes: Mango Wood and Indian Sheesham Rosewood.
  • Package includes: Yarn Winder, Spindle, Metal Clamp and Storage Bag.
  • Suggested Yarn Capacity: Up to 4oz (≈113g)

Product Dimensions:

  • Base Width: 5in (≈12.7cm)
  • Base Length: 137/8in (≈35.2cm)
  • Spindle Length: 5in (≈12.7cm)
  • Clamp Height: 31/4 (≈8.3cm) • Clamp Depth: 13/8 (≈3.5cm)
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Mango Wood (light)


Mango Wood (light)