We’ve been in a state of slowly renovating the ol’ gal lately. It all started last year when we restored the faƧade of our 1930’s historic building.
IMG_0588The next repairsĀ have been a little less exciting. We just finished getting the gas lines replaced. Not as glamorous, but a gal’s pipes need to work and we really didn’t want to blow up. There’s always that.
And the big elephant in the middle of the store is finally going to be gone soon. We’ve been in a bit of a maintenance crisis mode with this big fat problem.
It started quite awhile back with floor tiles popping up and a bit of cracking paint. When we finally realized there was a moisture problem it took many months and even more experts to finally diagnose the trouble.
In the meantime, the problem worsened. We were literally falling through the floor behind our counter. In my usual fashion, we shifted things around and were surprised by how many people didn’t notice the big sinkhole in the middle of the shop. I guess I am a master of display disguise.
The problem is now fixed, and we have someone lined up to rebuild our floor and wall soon. The theme this spring is renovation! It’s never a dull moment at SWAK.
While cleaning up after the gas line hullaballoo I decided to buy a new soap dispenser for the bathroom. One thing ledĀ to another and before you know it I had completely renovated it too. Check out our newly painted, remodeledĀ and very happy bathroom!
Be sure and notice the new bathroom doorknob. I put it on myself! It would have been painful to watch if you were someone who knew how to do this. ButĀ I persevered and it works! No one has been locked in or out, and it hasn’t fallen off so I call that a girl-power win. Never had a lesson, and the instructions were awful.
I’ve slowly been working on repainting the interior of the shop. The classroom is next on my agenda and I hope to get a start on it soon. We’re also waiting to get our roof replaced. We’ve had a claim with the insurance company for over a year now and it still isn’t resolved. I had to hire an attorney, so things should hopefully start moving forward soon. I’m sure my upstairs tenants are tired of getting rained on!
Over the course of the next couple of months you are likely to see me covered with paint, and a worker or two repairing something around here. Despite all of the commotion, we are still doing our usual thing with fun classes and new stuff rolling in the door. A little construction won’t slow us down! We are very excited, and looking forward to kicking off fall with a spiffy new look.

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