Seeing Squares

Yarn Swatches
In case you’ve been wondering why my Raverly project page has been eerily quiet since last fall, it’s because I’ve been busy knitting something really thrilling – SWATCHES.
Since early October I have knit a gauge swatch for (just about) every single yarn in our store. We have tagged them with all of the pertinent information about each yarn, and organized them by weight.
These are for you to flip through as you shop. While we have an amazing selection of knitted samples on display all of the time, there’s just something special about a little swatch.
I found three more yarns I want to swatch and then I’m through…until the next new yarn arrives.
Mason has been taking gymnastics so I knit while I wait. This summer when I was making a gorgeous sweater not one soul could care less what I was doing. I show up this fall knitting not-so-exciting swatches and every darn time someone would want to strike up a conversation about what I was knitting. Have you ever tried to explain gauge swatches to a non-knitter?
We are always surprised that many well-known instructors and knitters do not know how to knit an accurate gauge swatch. I dug this post from mom on this topic out of our archives and thought it would be useful for you.
Come in and check out all of these fabulous squares!

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