Signs of Spring

Spring yarns started arriving last week – check it out!
As you can see, we’ve been busy putting out new yarn. I managed to get another section¬†of the wall painted – I’m determined to get the entire inside repainted by the end of the year. If I do it piece at a time I’ll eventually get it done.
I even took matters into my own hands and repaired a hole in the wall. We tried to hang something too heavy on the wall years ago and made a 2″ hole. That is why there is always a sweater hanging by the front closet door, even though it is half hidden by furniture.
Thanks to my girl-power determination, the hole is gone. I would probably have gotten a D- in carpenter school for my patch job, but at least the hole is no more.
My little guy turns 8 on Tuesday. Can you believe it? So¬†I’ll be a bit distracted preparing for his big¬†party on Saturday.¬†Despite all of the impending birthday hullabaloo, I hope to get more info about new yarns up on the web this week.
We spent the day building this marble run that his Meme gave him for Christmas. I also made it through step 18 of 72 for some crazy roller coaster thing that Santa brought him. As the parent who can follow instructions, I get stuck with these fun projects. Oh joy!
Take advantage of the nice weather while it lasts to hop on over and see these beautiful yarns!

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