Spin the Wheel is Back!

You may have noticed that our fun prize wheel has been gathering dust.  This isn’t because we no longer like to have fun, or give away prizes, or reward our frequent buyers.  A software update was the culprit.
Yes, we upgraded our cash register software over a year ago. And no, I haven’t lost my computer whiz kid skills.  This “bug” in their program nearly ate my lunch.  I have been tinkering with the problem for over a year and finally figured it out myself. I think I should get a refund on that tech support contract I pay so dearly for.  It was so complicated that I think the software people are still scratching their head.

So our prize wheel is back with a whole new look (and fun new prizes!). I’m so excited to have it back, and so glad to know that my computer prowess is still intact that we are offering DOUBLE POINTS on all purchases through November 10.
If you aren’t familiar with our prize wheel, this is our customer reward program.  All you have to do is make sure we put your name on your invoice whenever making a purchase.  We can sometimes be absentminded so poke us if we forget.  Otherwise, the computer does all the work.
Unlike some rewards program, ours costs nothing and we have no silly cards to carry around and clutter up your wallet.
At different intervals a message will pop up notifying us that it is your turn to spin the wheel, giving you a chance to win prizes and/or discounts on your next purchase.
Let the spinning begin!

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