If you have unsuccessfully tried to comment on today’s 24 Days of SWAK post, you’re not alone because NO ONE has been able to do so.
Up until this afternoon I’ve been trying to manage the issue from my iPad while enjoying an otherwise glamorous Sunday at home. Today you’ll find me decked out in rubber gloves, fishing nasty hairballs out of showers and scrubbing post-Thanksgiving floors. No brunch on the veranda or spa day for me.
gremlinSo I finally pulled out my big-girl computer and got to the bottom of it. Here’s what going on. Last month I was notified that the blog was being “brute forced” by evil gremlins. No, I really have no clue what that means. But I realized that we had a problem when I couldn’t log in myself. My cyber folks fixed the issue, or so I thought.
In “fixing” the issue, they added an additional layer of security and that’s why the annoying “Authorized Only” window is popping up on your screen. At first I couldn’t figure out why you all were having issues, because it works fine on my computer. I fired up Keith’s old cheese grater (Macophiles know what I’m talking about), and discovered the issue.
garyDespite all of my brilliant cyber-sleuthing, I am not brilliant enough to know how to fix this. I am waiting on my very favorite cyber friend Gary to help me out. I have the best website hosting people in the world, and am not ashamed to admit that I have a business crush on Gary. I was hoping he’d had a chance to fix it by now, but perhaps he’s busy brunching on the veranda.
So please be patient, we’ll have this fixed soon. I’ll let everyone know as soon as it is working and we can get this party started (again). Naturally we’ll not close comments and extend the time accordingly.
Oh, and you need not worry about your user account being compromised in any way. Only you can know your password. If you do forget, I can access your basic info but not your password – and neither can any gremlins. Promise.

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