Spring Cleaning

If you wondered why I’ve been a bit quiet lately, well I’ve been hunkered down revamping the pattern and book section of our website. And in the process I realized it was time for a HUGE PATTERN SALE.

That’s right, we’re cleaning house. Time to move many of these out and make room for new.Spring Cleaning

We have marked down over 750 patterns and books, many as low as 50¢! This is an online sale so you don’t even have to get off our couch to take advantage of these incredible deals.
Live nearby and want to save on shipping? Simply select “in store pickup” as your shipping option and we’ll have your patterns packaged and ready.
While going through these huge piles of patterns I kept wondering what in the heck I was thinking when I bought them in the first place.
Hot PantsNot so long ago if you wanted to knit or crochet something, you had very few options for patterns. Yarn shops and magazines were the primary sources, and if you didn’t subscribe to magazines you’d rarely find them for sale anywhere other than your yarn shop.
If we wanted to sell any yarn, we had to have an extensive selection of patterns. Unlike today where patterns for anything and everything are readily available online, the selection of print patterns was much more limited. We’d search and find the best patterns available. Unfortunately many of them were plagued by bad photography, icky yarn choices, etc. You really had to use your imagination!
So it is time to move these patterns out the door! Not all are as lovely as this hot pants and halter (with a matching thong, I might add). In fact we have many, many really awesome patterns included in the sale.
Soon I’ll explain how pattern publishing has changed and what it was like being one of the very few indie designers 20 years ago.
ps: if you are needing a halter, hot pants and thong, it is yours for the asking. In fact, I may surprise one of our shoppers with this little bonus treat!

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