SWAK ♡'s you!

It’s true, we love what we do and most of all we love all of you!
We like to show everyone how much we appreciate your business and have revamped our customer reward program.
For every $150 you spend, you will receive a voucher for 5% off your next purchase. It will be good for one year. You can use it right away, or combine unused, unexpired vouchers for a maximum of 30% off. The more you shop, the more you save!
Unlike many other reward programs, you need not sign up. There are no membership fees. And best of all, there is no silly little card to keep up with in your wallet.
dAll you have to do is simply give us your name when checking out so we can keep track of your sales. Sometimes we can be absentminded, so be sure to tell us your name in case we forget to ask!
Those of you who do not live near will be glad to know that you will now be able to earn and redeem points when ordering online or over the phone. Your voucher will be included with your order. Simply give us a shout by email or phone when you want to use your vouchers and we’ll hook you up!
This new program goes into effect immediately. If you have any previous rewards vouchers, be sure to use them before their 30day expiration date. These may not be combined with the new savings vouchers.

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