SWAK and the Lips

Our 20 year celebration continues! Today I share where we got the smoochy name and the story of the lips.

I wish we had a fascinating tale of where the name Sealed with a Kiss came from, but we don’t. I’m afraid it was simply a matter of practicality. Back then laminated fabric handbags were all the rage, especially those made with Souleiado fabrics. Mom and her friends started making them, using the acronym “SWAK” on their labels, representing the first letter of their names.

When we needed to come up with a name for our new company, mom already had a “SWAK” stamp. Since were were going to do mail order, it seemed fitting. This is how big things like this get decided in my world, however I still can’t figure out why we needed a SWAK stamp!

What we did need is a lip stamp to “seal” all of our patterns. We went to Walker Stamp & Seal to get our stamp made. Only problem – where to find the lips! This was back when the world wide web pretty much consisted of chatrooms, webpages were unheard of, so you can forget googling a kiss image to use.

I think everyone we knew plus everyone working at the stamp company tried to come up with a good smooch. This is more difficult than you think! We all wound up with more lipstick on our noses than on the paper.

Then I remembered seeing an old article about celebrities and their favorite lipstick shades, so I went to the library to hunt it down. Fortunately it was there, I found the perfect lips (courtesy of Dixie Carter) and that is how we got our first lips.

Sherry and the Keely, but no W. I think we’ll just say it stands for What’s-Her-Name. All I know is that What’s-Her-Name is 20 years late to work. I could use her help!

Next up – I was indie before indie was cool.


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  • Melann526

    10.05.2013 at 10:07

    Maybe the W is Mason, but upside-down?