The Big Reveal

If you missed out on the big reveal of our newly renovated and remodeled space, here’s what you missed.
We love our new open look!
Sealed with a Kiss
Sealed with a Kiss
Sealed with a Kiss
Dozens of new yarns have been added for fall from Blue Sky Fibers, Berroco, Classic Elite, Debbie Bliss, Louisa Harding, Mountain Meadow, Noro, Trendsetter, Elsebeth Lavold, Juniper Moon Farm, Mirasol, Amano, Katia, Lang, and more!
Sealed with a Kiss
Sealed with a Kiss
Sealed with a Kiss
Our line of leCĹ“ur has expanded. We’ve added POSH, a handpainted pure mulberry silk plus our line of wearables has been a huge hit!
Sealed with a Kiss
We’ve also added lots of fun and beautiful accessories and needles.
Sealed with a Kiss
We think you’re especially going to love our new yarn mural. This art installation has been on the drawing board for some time now, and it was really thrilling to finally get it in place.
Sealed with a Kiss
Getting everything completed has been quite a feat. Other than floor and plumbing repairs we’ve done much of the work ourselves.
IMG_0933 IMG_0934
I’ve spent the past 2 months in paint clothes, looking like a hag. All of the SWAK peeps have been hard at work, I’m just the one lucky enough to have a paparazzi documenting my escapades.
It has been one heck of a year, and we are so hoping disasters and crappy times are behind us. To give you a quick recap of the past 6 months we lost mom back in March, then I spent 5 weeks in bed recovering from surgery this summer. During all of this personal drama we’ve replaced most of our gas lines (didn’t want to blow up!), a nearly 3 story sewer drain, repaired a gigantic hole in the floor along with numerous other not-so-fun things to spend your money on.
We’ve come a long way!
skunkIf you wondered why we were closed for a few days last spring for an “unexpected maintenance issue”, we weren’t laughing or wanting to talk about it much at the time. We were caught in the middle of a giant fight between a momma possum and a skunk. Considering we had a giant hole in the floor and the action happened under our building, we caught the brunt of it. We had to evacuate for a few days, put our upstairs tenants up in a hotel while we ozoned the place. I’m happy to report that it worked like a charm, so if you find yourself on the losing end of a skunk fight I can help you out! Fortunately we have reached a point where we can laugh about it now. Needless to say, I have taken  resilience to an entirely new level this year.
With an 80+ year old historic building, repairs are never ending so we still have more on the list to do. Next up is a new roof, and this spring I hope to find time to get back to painting and finish up the back part of the shop. I think I need a little color in my office.
You really need to come up and see everything for yourself. We eventually will have all the new merchandise on our website, but it is going to take a bit. I’m only one person and am horribly behind so bear with me. I’m also desperately in need of a vacation, and am happy to report that I will be on the beach with a margarita in hand in a mere 25 days.

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  • knitwise

    15.09.2016 at 14:22 Reply

    Your shop renovations look beautiful. I can’t wait to check it out in person soon!

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