The Mariposa Project

Our trip to Mexico this fall inspired me to come up with a new design inspired by the Riviera Maya region. The final result: a modern take on a traditional Mayan garment known as a huipil.
After the holidays we are starting an on-going class for¬†this project. Knit with undyed mulberry silk,¬†first we’ll work together to develop¬†a color scheme uniquely for you. Then we’ll have a big dying party, custom dying this beautiful silk yarn.
Once the silk is dyed and dried, it will be time to get started. We’ll be here Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays to help you along.
The¬†unique construction is created using short rows, and naturally I’ve thrown in many other cool techniques. Despite the complex appearance, this is NOT HARD. It has an enticing repetition that makes it enjoyable, not boring, yet somewhat mindless at the same time.
This project is only available as a complete kit including:

  • nine skeins of luxurious undyed mulberry silk yarn
  • participation in the dye party
  • forty handcrafted beaded stitch markers, specially chosen for the techniques utilized in this project
  • original pattern, with clearly written instructions indicated row-by-row
  • our expert assistance and instruction

The cost of the project is $315, payable as follows:

  • $105 due upon sign up
  • $105 due at yarn dying party
  • $105 due upon receipt of final project kit

If you would like to join in on this really cool project, you’ll need to sign up no later than December 31st. The yarn comes from Europe and the US distributor only keeps a small amount on hand, therefore much of this must be special ordered. Once we get the silk in hand, we’ll schedule a dye party (or two, depending on our numbers).
I’ll be talking more about the concept behind this design, along with some of the technical design challenges I encountered. I put a lot into this design, and am very excited about how it all came together.
If you live far away and can not attend the yarn dye party, please give us a shout. We can work something out and dye the yarn on your behalf.
Please note this pattern will not be available outside the kit. Because of the unique nature of the yarn, substitutions will not be available.
Sign up and join us for a really cool experience in color, technique, and design!

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