Things are Buzzing (literally!)

We’ve been buzzing around getting ready for our Guthrie Getaway this weekend. I made bags for everyone…
Getaway Bags
We have an incredible menu planned too!

  • Friday Dinner – crispy mustard roasted chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, spinach gratin, green salad, braided italian loaf, crème brülée
  • Saturday Breakfast – pancakes with fresh berries, slow cooked scrambled eggs with green herbs, bacon, toast and jam
  • Saturday Lunch – french onion soup, endive orange & roquefort salad, lemon cake
  • Saturday Dinner – loin of pork with green peppercorns, gratin dauphinois, fresh asparagus, tomato crostini, chocolate cake
  • Sunday Breakfast – quiche two ways, orange yogurt, sliced melon
  • Sunday Lunch – tomato soup, croque monsieur, pecan shortbread

In addition to an adventure in dining, we will have an incredible knitting experience with Alissa Barton, the Knitting Fairy.
I have been super busy finishing a new design I’ve been working on – check it out!
Twist is knit with Classic Elite’s Chesapeake. I put a lot of thought into the construction for this garment, and it employs a variety of cool knitting techniques along with a fun textural stitch pattern.
Speaking of buzzing, I came in yesterday morning and it was practically raining green leaves. All of the leaves decided to fall of our trees all at once…well in their defense they were frozen off.
Then a little while later I heard loud buzzing noises coming from the back alley. OG&E sent a notice this spring that Asplundh would be trimming the branches from the power lines. They did this about 12 years ago so it isn’t like it happens all of the time. Yesterday they finally showed up.
I about cried when I left yesterday. Look what they did to my trees!
Getaway Bags
This is what they looked like before –
They murdered my trees, and might as well have just chopped them down. I have some of the only old trees in our historic downtown area. In fact, my building was built around the trees and probably predate the electric lines.
I don’t think there is anything I can do about it. They can’t glue my branches back, and it isn’t like little ol’ me can take on OG&E anyway. That is a losing battle. I just want to shout “tree murderers” whenever I see an Asplundh/OG&E truck but that won’t do anything either.
So I’ll just sulk. 🙁

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