We’re almost ready for the Art Walk tomorrow. Beth hung some of her paintings today…
Beth Loftin Beth Loftin
And Donna brought by her loom…
I stayed up late making yummy treats for the event. You really should come. The fun starts tonight at 4 and continues until 8.
In other news, check out these super cute tops that just arrived from Before+Again!
Swirly Pearly Navy
The print is called “Swirly Pearly Navy”. The banded v-neck tunic may just have to go home with me! Made in the USA, right up the highway in St. Louis. Gotta love that.
We also have another free pattern for you today.
Peacock Infinity Scarf
The Peacock Infinity Scarf uses one skein of Lang’s Sol Color and works up in a jiffy. You use a size 50 knitting needle and a crochet hook to create the really cool peacock eye stitch. You may also know it as broomstick lace, but that sounded too witchy for a spring scarf so we went with the alternate (and more fun) name. Who doesn’t like peacocks?
I’m starting the design process for the project we’ll be doing while in Mexico. You’ll want to go on the trip just to get in on the project…and unlimited free margaritas. Just sayin’….
Next Wednesday I start buying yarn for fall. Can you believe it? It has barely started to get warm and I’m already thinking about cold weather again. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.
That’s all I have to report today.

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