Two women in masks surrounded by bags full of donated handknit and hand crocheted hats

Tiny Toppers 2020!

As you know, we love supporting Sooner Success through our Tiny Toppers program, knitting hats for kids. On Monday, November 2, we delivered 1,000 hats to Guthrie Public Schools, to be distributed to elementary students. Since we were unable to hand out hats during our annual downtown trick-or-treat this year, we are working directly with the schools providing hand knit and crochet hats along with information about Sooner Success who coordinates resources for parents of children with special needs. Our goal is to deliver hats to the schools in Logan county by Christmas, so keep the hats coming!

A big thank you to the knitters and crocheters who have so graciously donated their time, skill, and love to this project. Our tally to date is:

250 hats!!

Liberty Baptist Church
100-200 hats

Sheila VanBuren

Alta Scroggins

Cindy Gibson

Guthrie Public Library

50-200 hats each

Debbie Holcomb

Lois Asbury

Jenna Port

Carol Call

Merrie Roach

Less than 50 each

Jeri Morris

Laura Cameron

Fayelene O’Connell

Eva Maerten

plus a group of incarcerated men via Jennifer Avila

We will continue to keep tally, and announce the prize winners for the top contributors after Christmas!

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