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Kick off the new year by learning something new. We have a great offering of classes on the winter schedule. Expand your knowledge, learn something new, or just make something fun!
This week we have brought back a revamped version of one of our favorite signature workshops – Top Down Design. We’ll guide you through creating your very own custom-fit pattern. You’ll learn a lot about design and sweater knitting in the process.
We will be offering this class on two different dates:

  • Thursday, January 14
  • Saturday, January 16

Class starts at 10:00 on both dates. This is not a come-and-go class, so you need to come as close to 10 as possible. We probably won’t get settled and into the nitty gritty until 10:15 or so, so don’t freak if you run a wee bit late.IMG_0212
This is a more advanced class. You need not be an expert knitter, however previous sweater knitting experience is suggested. I told someone the other day it would be a bit like taking a class on how to design your own sock if you’d never even made a sock before.
And as fair warning, design involves numbers and math. If math makes you want to run and hide, this may not be the class for you. It also involves charting and working from charts. So if you despise charts and/or math, you will probably be happier working from a pattern rather than creating your own.
On the upside, you will leave this class with mad skills including knitting to fit, design and pattern alteration. And if you follow through and finish the sweater, you’ll also have one of the best fitting sweaters you’ll ever make.
For those who are coming to class, there are a few things you’ll need:

  • Yarn for your sweater project. This is a very intensive workshop that would cost quite a bit if you took it in any other venue. All we ask is that you purchase yarn to knit the project.
  • Swatch using your project yarn. If you don’t have time to knit a swatch, we can work off the ball band gauge. If you are planning on using a stitch pattern other than stockinette, it will be important to have a gauge for the pattern to be accurate.
  • For fitting and measuring purposes, it would be awesome if you have a sweater, preferably raglan, that fits you well. If you have a sweater and it doesn’t fit you well, we can work from that too. It doesn’t have to be a hand knit sweater. Many sweatshirts are raglan. If you have one of those that fit, we can definitely work from it too.
  • Having something that fits, or nearly fits, is ideal. We can also work from your physical measurements too. If you would like to be measured, and this is NOT necessary, wear a snug fitting t-shirt. We have a private area where we can measure, so you won’t have to parade around the store all day.

We don’t offer this class very often, so don’t miss out. And as an additional treat, I think mom is going to try to join us on Thursday. She has been unable to teach for some time now, but is hoping to come. This class is her brain child, and she loves seeing everyone’s designs come together. I really hope you will join us.

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