Tutorial: Center Double Decreases (CDD)

Today I’ve put together a video tutorial covering Center Double Decreases (CDD), which are featured in the top I’m wearing in the video, which is Mirror by Yumiko Alexander which I knit in Dandoh Cotton Fine. I talk about how to work CDDs and where you’d want to use them!

After I finished recording this video, I was brainstorming patterns that you could knit that might make use of CDDs. Immediately I thought of the Mitered Jacket from the cover of the newest issue of Noro Magazine. It turns out that the mitered shaping in this jacket isn’t worked using CDDs, but if I were going to knit the jacket I would probably substitute them in instead of the single stitch decreases the designer used. I’ve put together a PDF with some of my thoughts and notes – you can download it here if you’re interested!

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