Under Construction

Our much needed and long overdue floor repairs begin next week! We won’t let a little construction get us down, so the shop will remain open during the repairs. We are going to have to “squish” stuff around a bit to make room for the workers, so we’ll be offering a more adventurous shopping experience than normal.
To top things off, I’m going to be away from the shop for a few weeks.┬áNo fun┬ávacation for me. Instead I’ll be recovering from a surgery I already had scheduled for next week. It’s no big deal, and I already have a full agenda planned during my recovery. It takes more than that to get me down.
Anna, Lori and Kary (yes Kary is back!) along with a crew of construction workers will be here in my absence, so it’s sure to be quite the affair!
We’ve surrounded what I’ve been calling the “big fat elephant” in the middle of the shop with lovely displays until we could get the problem diagnosed, corrected and rebuilt. Here’s the before pictures:
Notice the “girl power” duct tape floor repair holding the popped-up tiles down.
And yes, we are truly┬áfalling through the floor. Under one of the big plywood boards is a huge gaping hole. This ugly mess will be gone soon and I can’t wait to show you the after pictures.

When I return, we start gearing up for what is going to be our biggest fall season ever┬á– you have so much to look forward to!
We have a mountain of new yarns on order. Get ready for the ultimate experience in color, fiber and texture. Some of the buzz words flying around the shop the past few weeks include cashmere, vicu├▒a, bison, pure silk, yak, royal alpaca…and the list goes on. We also have an exciting expansion coming to our exclusive line of le c┼ôur handpaints.
You definitely want to stay tuned!

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