Unexpected Vacation

vacationI have been on an unexpected vacation since Christmas. Instead of having a margarita in one hand, a good book in the other, and flip flops on my feet…
I have had a bottle of cough syrup in one hand, a box of kleenex in the other, and fuzzy shoes on my feet for I have been laid up with the flu!
I thought I was just getting a cough on Christmas Day and figured I was tired…well because I’m super woman who just pulled off Christmas. Crawled into the shop on Thursday, but went home early so I wouldn’t get to feeling worse.
After laying in bed all day Friday, Keith drug me to the doctor on Saturday who told me I had the flu. I was surprised. While I felt crappy, I didn’t think I felt that bad.
I’ve barely moved from my bed since last week. My guys have been taking good care of me. Mason even fixed me breakfast the other morning. Annica and Lori have done an awesome job holding down the fort.
I have slowly been trying to do a bit of work. It isn’t easy answering emails while high on cough syrup with a small boy jumping up and down on the bed at the same time. So if you think I’ve been ignoring you…well it isn’t on purpose!
In my absence, the new Cathedral pattern book arrived. The trunk show containing all of the garments and accessories from this book should be here later this week.
Hopefully I’ll be back at full speed next week. Have a Happy New Year everyone!
PS: Santa brought Mason a Nintendo 3DS. He may not talk to us again until he turns 16 and wants a car.


  • donnajmiller

    01.01.2014 at 21:26

    oh man, NOT GOOD 🙁 I am so sorry. Get better soon.

  • pindy4176

    05.01.2014 at 17:48

    Our bodies have a way of MAKING us slow down sometimes, whether we want to or not! Hope you are all better now!