Want to work in a yarn store? We’re hiring!

Welcome back to our Tuesday LIVE video. We missed last week to start promoting the Town & Country Crochet Collection, but we’re back this week and better than ever.

So summer is almost here, and that means we are busy making plans for fall. As we start gearing up for getting back to normal this fall, with classes and events, Jeannie and I realized that WE NEED HELP!

Do you love yarn? Do you love people? Come and join our team! This is a fun job with lots of cool perks!

The position, or positions we are looking to fill are very part-time. You would need to work during the week and some Saturdays, with occasional after-hours special events.

You need not be an expert at knitting, we’ve got that covered. But you should at least be an intermediate to advanced beginner. Crochet is a plus, but not a deal breaker.

Today we wanted to throw out a net and see what we get. Depending on who is interested, we may hire one or two positions. Yarn lover? Social butterfly? Over-organizer? Teacher? You don’t need to be ALL of these things, but these qualities definitely pop to mind.

If you or someone you know may be interested, simply drop us a line or stop on by! Tell us a little about you, and we’ll go from there.

We’re also looking forward to what’s coming next! We’ve rearranged the store for spring and summer, and we’re gearing up for an amazing fall with the return of classes and other events.

Next week we’re expecting a new shipment from Vendula London, so don’t miss it!


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