We Want Your Yarn

Yes, this is an unusual request but I’m working on an unusual project.  I am looking for partial or full skeins of specific yarns for one of my latest hair-brained ideas.
Here’s the deal.  I need:

  • At least a half to a full skein
  • Must be in good condition and not filled with pet hair, etc.
  • We’re only looking for the specific yarns on the list linked in this post.

In exchange, we’ll offer you 10% off your purchase that day and a spin of the prize wheel.

I only need ONE skein each of these yarns, and I’ll periodically update the list with what we still need.

Click Here for the List

Inquiring minds may be wondering why I don’t just get off my lazy rear and walk up to the front of the store and grab skeins of these yarns off the shelf. Well, we’d rather save our brand spankin’ new yarns for you to purchase and take your unwanted leftovers in return.
We have a monster sized trunk show arriving this week.  Details soon!

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