What a Weekend!

We had a fabulous time this weekend. No one really knew what to expect, with 40,000 hipsters descending on our little town. I am happy to report that this was the nicest and friendliest group of people we have seen yet. They were happy, appreciative, considerate, polite…so if you think those qualities are lost on the younger generation you would be wrong about that.
I did pick up a few tidbits of info along the way, that I thought I’d share in the interest of keeping everyone hip and with the program. I saw this posted from one of the concert goers on twitter

  • Mom shorts not cool. #12inchseam

That really cracked me up. We thought those were called bermuda shorts. I would like to see what they’d tweet if a bunch of us showed up in tiny shorts with a one inch seam…it wouldn’t be pretty!
And if you think all of the young people are listening to twerking celebrities who have to wear meat to get attention, you’d be wrong about that too. There were 12 bands, including Mumford and Sons who performed over the weekend. To my knowledge, they all wore actual clothes and kept them on.
Mumford & Sons
In fact, the first stop Mumford & Sons made when getting to town was to visit our local fiddle legend Byron Berline. They played soccer in the stadium behind us, hung out with locals at the street party, went shopping in the stores. One even danced with my sister-in-law. These guys could not be more humble and nice. Truly talented musicians don’t need to act obnoxious to get people to pay attention.
GOTRGuthrie made quite an impression on the bands, the organizers and the hipsters. We had people from nearly every state and a few foreign countries attending the festival this weekend. I think this is the start of a whole new day for Guthrie.
We opened our shop in Guthrie by choice, and are so happy that we did. I can think of no other place we’d rather be.
Now that the Hipster Landrun has passed, it is time for YOU to come to Guthrie. This will be the last weekend for the HPKY Trunk Show. The two fall Classic Elite shows will be leaving after this weekend too. You really need to come and check these out. Plus it looks like another huge shipment of fall yarn will be arriving by Friday, including Classic Elite’s MountainTop collection.
HPKYSeptember Trunk Shows
You can also check out our fabulous yarn bombing while you’re here. I plan on keeping it up at least through this weekend. Just about everyone who walked by stopped to check it out and take photos. We were a big hit!
Yarn Bomb
Come see us!

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